Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Delilah in Brambly Corners

Delilah drove her mini bus through the winding roads in the county of Devon, along the English Channel. Her final town was a small place called Brambly Corners.

Her phone beeped, she was in Brambly. It was a small town, there were 3 buildings. An array of animals talked in front of all them. There were no humans anywhere. She drove closer to one of the buildings.

"Hi," said one of the animal outside.
"Oh, hi" Delilah responded getting out of the mini bus.
"I'm Lucy Yellow Labrador," said the animal smiling.
"I'm Delilah Dale, this is Brambly Corners, right?" she asked.
"Yep! Are you on vacation, here?"
"Not exactly, I'm thinking about moving here," Delilah replied.
"Really? Could I give you a tour of Brambly?" she asked excitedly.
"Of course, that would be great!"
"Oh, this is Berkeley my oldest son," said Lucy motioning to the boy next to her.
"Nice to meet you Berkeley," smiled Delilah.
"You, too," said Berkeley shyly.

"Well out here are the Giant Steps, they say this is where the giants used to walk," said Lucy.

They walked a bit farther to a gigantic tree, where the climbed to an area between two of the branches.
"This is the Brambly Tree, and this crack in the trees is the Brambly Canyon," explained Lucy.

After climbing down the Brambly Tree they walked up another Giant Step to a big stone wall. 
"This is the Brambly Mountain, it's been here forever," Lucy told Delilah
"Wow, it's so big!" commented Delilah.
"If you think this is big you should see the Brambly Forest. It's absolutely gigantic!" 

When Lucy finished the tour they made their way back to town where Lucy introduced her to some of the other women in town.
"Hi, I'm Raina Red Panda," said one of them.
"And I'm Stephanie Hopper," said the other one.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Delilah Dale" she responded introducing herself.
"Are you going to move here, Delilah?" Stephanie questioned.
"You'd be a great addition to the town," said Raina.
"Hmm.. I've been so many places, but none have been like this," replied Delilah.
"Where else have you visited?"
"I'm from London but I visited York, the Dales, Bath, and Dublin."
"Those are all human cities. Our little Brambly Corners is animals-only," answered Stephanie.
"Really, that's so cool!"
"Oh my goodness, I just had a great idea!" declared Raina.
"What?" they all chorused.
"Delilah, if you move here you should open a candyfloss cart. The kids have been begging for a sweets cart, and your fur reminds be so much of candyfloss!" she explained to us.
"That's a great idea!" commented Lucy.
Delilah contemplated it for like 0.2 seconds before saying "yes!" 
"So, you'll move here?" asked Raina hopefully.
Delilah nodded and smiled and they all cheered. 
"And you can live at Harebell Hall where almost everyone in town lives. It's the big house you met Lucy at. There is a room next to me that open," said Stephanie pointing to Harebell in the distance.

A week or so later Delilah had opened her Candyfloss and Sweets Cart and she was moved into Harebell Hall. She had found home!


  1. Your story is so cute and I especially love the photography!

    1. Thank you, Lee! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!