Friday, December 23, 2016

Brooke and Rosetta's Sleepover

Hi everyone! It's Ellie here, and today I have a post on the sleepover Brooke Tippyscotch and Rosetta Tuxedo Cat had. Enjoy!

Rosetta Tuxedo Cat woke up in a jolly state of mood, for she was so excited for her sleepover with Brooke Tippyscotch, that day. Like always her sister Liliana was up before her, probably eating breakfast before going exploring with her best friend Isabelle. Rosetta literally jumped out of bed and started packing her suitcase. She packed slippers, her nightgown, hairbrush, and vanity set. Liliana called the vanity in their room vainty. She said this because she believed that people were usually "vain" when they wore makeup. Rosetta went downstairs after she packed her suitcase, she was already to go to the sleepover. Rose told her mother "I'm ready!" Rosetta's mom Natalie and Rosetta's sister Lily looked at her in a confused way. "The sleepover starts at 5:00 tonight, sweetheart" said Rosetta's mom. "Oh..." responded Rosetta, now she understood. "That why it's called sleepover, Rosetta" Liliana said rolling her eyes.

9 Hours Later

"Can we go now, mom?" Rosetta asked her mother. "Sure, go get on your jacket and boots and then we can leave" Rosetta's mom replied. Snow drifted down from the gloomy sky above, as Rosetta and her mother walked through the snow over to Brooke's house. Brambly Corners Susanne Tippyscotch warmly welcomed Rosetta and her mother into her house. Brooke helped Rosetta unpack everything from her suitcase while Susanne and Natalie talked over some chamomile tea and lavender tea cakes. After, Natalie went home Brooke showed Rosetta up to the reading alcove. As soon as Brooke and Rosetta arrived up in the alcove, they found Brooke's younger twin siblings Hopper and Honor playing around. Hopper and Honor were both quite adventurous and usually were finding some new way [usually pretty dangerous] to express their curiosity. Hopper and Honor also refused to sleep on the ground. The Tippyscotch house only had one floor so Susanne had to construct a safe way to put Hopper and Honor's crib up in the air. She attached the crib to a rim along the edge of the house with some glue dots. The other side of the crib is held up with a wooden ladder also used to reach the alcove. Susanne was originally thinking of putting the crib in the alcove area but Brooke refused to give up her special reading space.

Brooke and Rosetta had some Berry Salad for dinner. Almost every meal in Brambly Corners included berries and it was the main food for every animal that lived in Brambly Corners. A Berry Salad was a classic for many of the animals who lived there. Berry Salads included A├žai Berries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Boysenberries, Chokecherries, Cloudberries, Dewberries, Elderberries, Gooseberries, Huckleberries, Juniper Berries, Lingonberries, Nannyberries, Persimmons, Raspberries, Strawberries, Sugarberries, and Thimbleberries. After dinner Rosetta and Brooke played with Honor and Hopper. Soon Honor and Hopper were tired and they went up to their crib. Before, you knew it Brooke and Rosetta got tired too and went off to bed. Before she drifted off to sleep she was thought about what an amazing sleepover she and Brooke had, had that day.

Thank you for reading my post for today! I will have more coming soon, so keep your eyes open! Bye!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Meet the Tuxedo Cat Family

Hi, it's Ellie back with another post! I'll probably be posting a lot in this next week because we are on winter break from school! We just had a party in our last hour which is English. Some people definitely had too much sugar. Enjoy the post!

Family Members: Father Mason enjoys tennis and croquet. He teaches both to many of those who live in Brambly Corners. Mother Natalie enjoys gardening, drinking tea, sewing, and ballroom dancing. Liliana enjoys adventures and loves exploring the world. She wants to be a travel writer and travel around the world. Rosetta enjoys sewing, shopping, and learning manners and etiquette from her mother.

The Tuxedo Cats have let us tour their lovely home, today. We find Natalie outside plantings some roses and violets. Inside Mason is having a leisurely breakfast and reading the Brambly Corners Newspaper. Liliana decided to venture up to the rooftop and hang out up there. She enjoys watching all of Brambly Corners from this splendid view. Rosetta is inside in the room that she shares with Liliana. The room is very formal, and it includes a large bed, vanity, and armoire. Liliana despises all of the pink and floral designs in the room and has been pleading her father to build an addition onto the house so she can have her own room.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I will have many more soon to come! Bye!

Meet the Hopper Family

Hi everyone! It's Ellie here, today I have a post on the Hopper Family. First, I will give a little introduction about each family member. If the pictures appear dark, I am very sorry. The lighting at the time wasn't great.

The Hopper Family 
Isabella in her room
Family Members: Father Richie works as the sports writer for the Brambly Corners Newspaper. Mother Stephanie likes everything to be organized and in place, she also likes to exchange desserts with Susanne Tippyscotch. Isabelle enjoys tennis and gymnastics. Isabelle loves hanging out with all her friends as well. Baby Katerina loves to take lots of naps and listen to lullabies.

Next, we will tour the Hopper House. First, we will visit Mother Stephanie in the kitchen baking an Apple Pie. Over on the table lays the newest edition of the Brambly Corners Newspaper. Father Richie enjoys some tea and a good book my the warmth of the fireplace. Isabelle enjoys hanging out up in her room, she reads a book about magic. She has been meaning to get her guitar restrung but still hasn't gotten to it. Baby Katerina enjoys a nice refreshing nap up in the alcove.

Thank you for reading my post! I will post more very soon! Bye!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Meet The Tippyscotch Family

Hello everyone! It's Ellie here, and today I will be starting a little series of posts about the families that currently live in Brambly Corners. I will do one whenever a new family moves to Brambly Corners.

The Tippyscotch Family, is one of the most interesting families in Brambly Corners. Here are some facts about the Tippyscotchs!

Suzy [top left], Bell [top right]
Hopper [bottom left], Honey [bottom right]

Overview of the Tippyscotch Cottage.
Family Members: Susanne Tippyscotch is an amazing fox from the town of Honeysuckle Hollow. She loves to bake yummy desserts for everyone in Brambly Corners. Susanne is the founder of Brambly Corners, and is currently the town mayor. Brooke Tippyscotch is a sweet little bunny who was adopted by Suzy Tippyscotch. Suzy recalls finding Bell and her younger twin siblings Hopper and Honor alone in a forest, and hearing her mother and father calling for Bell, Hopper, and Honey. Suzy tried to find Brooke, Hopper, and Honor's parents for a whole month, but they seemed to have disappeared. Susanne never stops looking but since then has taken Brooke, Hopper, and Honor under her wing. Brooke is very cheerful, and loves to draw. Brooke also enjoys having parties at her house! Hopper can never sit still and loves to explore. Honor loves to sit outside and play in the daffodils and lilies.

Bell's alcove
The Tippyscotch House: Next, the Tippyscotchs have graciously let us tour their home. Even though  they have a tiny cottage of only one floor it is filled with family love.

Susanne's favorite part of the cottage is probably is by the kitchen. Susanne as I mentioned before loves to bake, her specialty is her amazing cupcakes. Susanne also loves knitting and her bed is filled with yarn.

Brooke loves to jump on her bed because the mattress is very bouncy. Brooke's favorite part of the house is the "second floor." Brooke made a nice window seat up on in a little alcove. In the winter, Brooke loves to curl up with a good book and eat Susanne's cupcakes and drink some tea.

Hopper loves trying to find ways to get up to Brooke's alcove, because he is so adventurous. So far he hasn't succeeded. Honor as I mentioned before enjoys sitting out front and watching Susanne bake.

Thank you so much for reading today's post about the Tippyscotch Family! See you again in Brambly Corners!