Thursday, December 28, 2017

Summer's Nighttime Adventure

Hi everyone! It's Ellie here, and today I have a post about Summer Yellow Labrador's nighttime adventure. Enjoy! 

It was almost 11:00 PM, and Summer Yellow Labrador was still awake in her bed. On Boxing Day, her family moved to a town called Brambly Corners into a townhouse called Harebell Hall. Two other families lived in Harebell Hall, but she had only met one of them. The Tuxedo Cat Family, who had two twin daughters Lilliana and Rosetta who were 13. They were 2 years older than Summer so she hadn't really become friends with them. The other family were kind of mysterious to Summer, even though they lived right next door. They hadn't come out of their house yet, and Summer wasn't sure why. 

Across the way, Summer saw Lilliana and Rosetta's light still on, and heard them bickering like always. Downstairs Summer's parents and Lilliana and Rosetta's parents were talking and laughing in the Tuxedo Cat's living room.

Summer went to go look out her window and lo and behold she saw a figure on the roof of the mysterious family's house. 

Summer had always been very curious and she wanted to go check it out. She made none of the parents were paying attention and she stepped through the crack that separated the houses.

Summer use to be a rock climber and she carefully made her way up to the roof of the mysterious family's house.

She hopped on to the roof, surprising the figure. The figure turned around and gasped. 

"Hi!" said Summer
"Umm.. who are you?" said the figure
"I live next-door. I'm Summer" Summer responded
"Oh.. I'm Isabelle Hopper" the figure said.
"Do you live here?" asked Summer.
"Yeah" Isabelle responded.
"Why do you never come out?" questioned Summer.
"How long have you been here?" asked Isabelle.
"Two days" answered Summer.
"Oh, that's why. My family just got back tonight from my Grandma Diana's house. We were there over Christmas" responded Isabelle.
"Oh! That's makes more since" said Summer.

Summer made her way down to where Isabelle was sitting on the roof. 

"Why are you out here on the roof?" asked Summer.
"I like to come out here before I go to bed. I want to be an astronomer when I grow up so I like to find constellations and track movement in the sky" responded Isabelle.
"That's so neat, what constellations do you have so far?" asked Summer.
"I have only found Aquila the Eagle tonight" replied Isabelle.
"Can you show me where it is?" questioned Summer.
"Sure" said Isabelle pointing to the center of the sky.Image result for constellation aquila

"It looks like a kite" said Summer.
"It does" replied Isabelle.
"Do you have any siblings?" asked Summer suddenly changing topics.
"Yeah, I have a younger sister named Katerina, she's only 4 months old," responded Isabelle, "how about you?"
"I have two younger brothers Berkeley and Bailey and a younger sister Marley" Summer answered.
"So your the oldest, like me!" smiled Isabelle.
"Yeah!" laughed Summer.
"Well, I have to go to bed now. It's almost midnight" said Isabelle. 
Had it almost been an hour? Summer turned around and Lilliana and Rosetta's lights were out, and it sounded like the parents were wrapping up their conversation.
"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then?" asked Summer.
"Yeah, see you tomorrow!" said Isabelle.
Summer waved goodbye then crawled back off the roof into her own room.

As Summer was about to go to bed, she realized she had a new friend in Brambly Corners! Hopefully she'd make many more too! 

Thanks for reading the post! See you in Brambly Corners!

~ Ellie

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas in Brambly Corners

Hi everyone! It's Ellie here and today I have a post about Christmas this year in Brambly. Enjoy!

Christmas this year in Brambly was very exciting for all the critters that lived their. More homes were built for the increasing number of critters that were moving into Brambly and a new family moved in.

Three houses (the Luxury Townhouse/Beachwood Hall and Cozy Cottage put together) were built in a square around a courtyard. In one of the houses moved the Tuxedo Cat Family, in another one the Yellow Labrador Family moved in, and in the last one the Hopper Family moved in. The courtyard of houses is now called Harebell Hall. Harebell meant Bluebell in Scottish.

Another Christmas gift this year for the critters was a new family that moved in. Their names were the Yellow Labrador Family. There were 6 of them in all, but only 4 of them are currently in Brambly. The two younger twin Labrador's Marley and Bailey were staying at their Aunt Thalia's house until the house was set up and ready. The Yellow Labrador parents were Bentley and Lucia and there older children were Summer (10) and Berkeley (7.) All the critters in Brambly were very excited to have new neighbors!

Do your critters get anything awesome for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa this year? If so and your willing to share please comment below! I would love to hear what you got! Thanks for reading this post! See you in Brambly Corners!

~ Ellie

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Toy Store

Hi everyone! It's Ellie here and I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently. Today, I have a post about the Brambly Corners Toy Store. Enjoy!

It was the first day of winter break, but Renee was not at all excited. Renee lived in the Magnolia Mountains in the far corner of Brambly Corners, and it took 30 minutes to drive to the small town of Brambly where all her friends lived, in the valley. She wouldn't get to see them if she wasn't in school. 

Renee was grumbling about this when she walked downstairs to get breakfast. Renee's mother Raina made scrambled eggs and toast with a side of cranberry jam. Renee saw that it was lightly snowing outside, so she gobbled up her breakfast hoping that the snow would give her something to do.

Just then Renee heard the doorbell ring. Renee ran to get it, wondering who'd be up in this corner of the mountain. Renee opened the door and there stood her best friend in the whole world, Lilliana! Lilliana lived in Brambly Corners, with her parents and her twin sister Rosetta. Behind, Lilliana was her mother Natalie. Renee invited Natalie and Lilliana inside, where Renee's mother gave Natalie a big hug. Lilliana and Renee's mothers were best friends, just like Lilliana and Renee! Natalie explained that she was here to see if Renee would like to go to the village with them to help Mrs. Hopper on the opening day of her toy shop. Of course, Renee said yes!

When Renee and Lilliana arrived they found Ms. Hopper and her youngest daughter Katerina. Ms. Hopper was organizing some items on the shelf, while Katerina played around in a toy grocery cart.

Ms. Hopper was so pleased to have Renee and Lilliana's help. Renee helped put things from inventory onto the shelves while Lilliana entertained Katerina to keep her from being a distraction.

Soon, the first customers Ms. Tippyscotch and her son Hopper came. Hopper's twin sister Honor was at her cousin's house in Honeysuckle Hollow, so it was only Hopper and Ms. Tippyscotch. Hopper loved the slide in the play corner.

Lilliana watched Hopper as he played with some of the cars off of the wooden shelves. 

While Lilliana distracted Hopper, Renee packaged up some Christmas gifts that Ms. Tippyscotch was buying for Hopper, Honor, and her older daughter Brooke. 

Soon it was time for Hopper and Ms. Tippyscotch to leave, and Hopper was very interested to know what was in the big box that Renee handed his mother. Ms. Tippyscotch said he'd have to wait for tomorrow morning when they opened gifts.

That's how it went the rest of the afternoon. Mrs. Hopper greeted customers, Renee helped them find what they wanted, and Lilliana entertained the little ones. Animals from the neighboring town of Honeysuckle Hollow came, as well as some of the Brambly Corners residents. It was very busy and a huge success.

At the end of the day, both Lilliana and Renee's moms came to pick them up. They got into a long boring adult conversation with Ms. Hopper though giving Renee and Lilliana time to play with some of the toys themselves. They drew all over the chalkboard and played tea, just like they did when they were little. At the end of the day, Renee realized it had been a great first day of winter break after all!

I hoped you enjoyed today's story everyone! Hopefully, I will be able to post more stories over my winter break! Thanks for reading!

~ Ellie

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hopper and Honor's Futuristic Adventure

Hi everyone! It's Ellie, and I'm back with a post about the bunny twins Hopper and Honor. Enjoy!

 It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, and Brooke Tippyscotch was suppose to be watching her younger twin siblings Hopper and Honor. Ms. Susanne Tippyscotch (the children's mother) was out having tea with her dearest friend Mel Canberra, from Susanne's hometown of Honeysuckle Hollow.

Instead of watching Honor and Hopper, Brooke was on the phone with her best friend Rosetta Tuxedo Cat, who lived down the road.

Hopper and Honor were up in their crib. Honor was humming to the rhythm of one of her favorite Mary Engelbreit poem's, while Hopper was thinking of some way to get into trouble. That's when Hopper looked out the window at the lights that decked the house. He whispered to his sister "let's go explore the roof of the house, and look at the lights." Honor stopped humming abruptly and nodded with a mischievous grin.

Honor peered out of the crib, and was delighted to see that Brooke had turned facing away from the crib and was getting into a story about her enemy (Rosetta's twin sister) Liliana Tuxedo Cat. This was sure to keep Brooke distracted. Hopper opened the window and climbed out, followed by his sister.

Honor and Hopper were very strong (they crawled up and down the later to their crib everyday) and made there way up to the rooftop.

The light started to fade from the sky as Hopper and Honor crawled to the edge of the roof. It was beautiful and they could see all of Brambly Corners. Soon enough though they saw someone familiar walking down the lane... their mother.

Susanne gasped in horror when she saw what the twins had done. She called out to Brooke, who reluctantly hung up the phone and walked out to meet her mother. When she saw the twins stranded on the rooftop she to gasped horrified. Susanne told Brooke to go call for their neighbor Richie Hopper.

A few minutes later Brooke returned with Richie and a latter. Richie bravely climbed up the latter and got the twins down. Susanne thanked Richie with all of her heart.

When Susanne got the twins and Brooke inside she gave them all a good scolding. As a result of this, Susanne brought the twin's crib down for the night. She thought maybe sleeping on solid ground would knock some sense into the twins, little did she know that she and Brooke would soon experience a very unpleasant night.....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Treasure In The Attic

      Hello everyone! Today I have a very exciting story about an amazing treasure that Liliana Tuxedo Cat finds in her attic. Enjoy!

      Liliana Tuxedo Cat threw herself down on her bed. She was mad. Really mad. Her mother had just told her that if she wanted new roller-skates she would have to pay for them herself. Roller-skates were expensive, Liliana had no idea how she would pay for them. Then it dawned on her! She would have a garage sale. All she needed was to find some stuff to sell....

      She looked over at her sister Rosetta's vanity set and makeup. Liliana thought that the vanity took up precious room, in the room she shared with her sister. Now, she had an excuse to get rid of it. Liliana started to fantasize what she could do with the extra space, when a thought dawned on her. There was no way Rosetta would ever let Liliana get away with it. Ever.

      Liliana decided to look behind her bed in the so - called "attic." She was sure that there had to be some old toys that she could sell. With all her might, she pushed the bed aside so she could reveal what lay behind the bed.

      Old toys were scattered all around the alcove, and there was dust ... everywhere. The dust blanketed the toys in a thin layer of grime. Liliana tried to blow off the dust on top of an old play table but all the dust just came back into her face. Liliana coughed, and swatted the dust away from her face.

She saw that didn't look like a toy under the play table. She picked it up. It was a newspaper. On the top of the page it said "A Day In Brambly Corners." She touched part of the newspaper, and it disintegrated into her paws. The pictures were very old, she decided to look through them all very carefully...

Sarah Hopper (left) and Ruth Red Panda (right) making some delicious desserts in the kitchen.

Rebecca Red Panda (left), Laura Tuxedo Cat (center), and Ida Hopper (right) at the Giant's Steps.

Mayor Martin Tuxedo Cat (left) and Nellie Tuxedo Cat (right).

Rose Tuxedo Cat (bottom) and Beatrice Chocolate (top) at Branch's Canyon.

Citizens of Brambly Corners at Brambly Mountain!

Town Photo: 1885

Liliana was stunned, she couldn't believe that this newspaper was from 1885! Liliana realized what great money she could make off of this newspaper! She would be able to buy those roller-skates in no time. She was about to put a price tag on the newspaper, when she suddenly realized that it wouldn't be right. This was a town treasure. If was rare to find photos from so long ago, in such good shape! Liliana firmly decided to take the newspaper to Mayor Tippytail. Liliana decided that she could wait until Christmas to get her roller-skates. Before, giving the newspaper to the Mayor though, she took a last peek at the photo of Laura (Lillian's great - great grandmother), Ida, and Rebecca. They reminded Liliana so much of her friends Isabelle and Renee. Maybe, just maybe they were Isabelle and Renee's great - great grandmothers.....

~ Ellie

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Rainy Day

      Hi everyone! I'm sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. I have been very busy this summer with camps, vacations, etc. These last few days though, have been very rainy and I decided to do a post on one of my newest Sylvanians named Renee Red Panda. Enjoy the post!

      It was a dreary, rainy day and poor Renee Red Panda was bored to death. She had absolutely nothing to do. All her best friends lived far down in Brambly Corners, and they wouldn't be able to come visit her in her high mountain home in this weather. Her father Russell Red Panda was out working in his shed. Last time, Renee had helped him though she had managed to get a sliver in her paw. She was not interested in doing anything back inside the shed anytime soon. Her mother Raina on the other hand was downstairs making her absolutely dreadful Lichen Silk Pie. Renee hated Lichen Silk Pie, she much preferred her mother's amazing Bamboo Shoot Cake.

     At that moment she heard the doorbell ring. It was probably just the mailmouse, doing his rounds. That's when she heard a voices chatting. Renee knew that her mother, Raina absolutely despised the mailmouse for some reason and only on very rare occasions would her mother talk to the mailmouse. So, Renee decided to look out her window to see who was visiting them, in such weather. Below she saw one of her best friends in the whole world, Isabelle Hopper.

     Renee rushed downstairs to meet her friend, Isabelle and her mother, Stephanie. Renee's mother had already ushered Isabelle and Stephanie inside, out of the rain.

     Isabelle ran to where Renee was standing and gave her a big hug.

    "How did you get here in this rain?" asked Renee.

    "We were visiting some of my cousins in Honeysuckle Hollow, and we couldn't drive any further because of this rain, so I asked my mom if we could stop at your house" answered Isabelle.

     "I'm so glad you came, I was so... bored!" replied Renee, annunciating the so.

      Isabelle and Renee ran up the ladder to Renee's room. "Wow, it's so pretty in here, my room is all littered with my little sisters toys" said Isabelle stunned. Renee giggled and invited her best friend to come jump on her bed with her.

     Isabelle and Renee jumped up and down and up and down. Renee's mattress was very bouncy. Isabelle did some front and back somersaults on Renee's bed which had now become a trampoline. Isabelle was an amazing gymnast, she was probably the best gymnast in all of Brambly Corners. After they had worn out their legs from all the jumping they decided to do a calmer activity.

     They pulled out Renee's stuffed animals, Elodie Elephant and Teagan Teddy Bear. Renee played as Teagan, and Isabelle played as Elodie. The girls played for a long time, making up adventures for Elodie and Teagan as they explored the world.

      They were interrupted by Renee's mother who brought them an indoor picnic. For lunch, Raina had made the girls a delicious meal of Berry Salad and Lime Juice (2 Brambly Corners favorites.)
Isabelle and Renee gobbled up the delicious lunch in minutes.

     After, Renee and Isabelle had finished their lunch, they decided it was time to get their creative vibes out my drawing on Renee's chalkboard. Renee loved her chalkboard! She used it for everything from her chalk drawing - planning out her week. Isabelle drew a rainbow, a sun, and some clouds while Renee drew flowers next to a house.

     It came time for Isabelle to go back to Brambly Corners, way to soon. The friends were both sad, because they didn't see each other during the summer to often. Though, the school year was approaching fast and soon they would get to see each other everyday. The friends hugged goodbye, and then Isabelle left with her mother.
 As Isabelle's car drove away, Renee retreated back up to her room she realized that today was not a boring day after all, and that it was actually quite the opposite. It was a very exciting day. Renee loved the though that everyday brought new surprises. Renee had never guessed that any of her friends would come to visit her, but yet it had happened. Renee couldn't wait to see what would happen in the days ahead!

~ Ellie