Thursday, March 31, 2016

Inside the Cozy Cottage

Hi, everyone! It's Ellie, and today I'm taking you inside the Hopper Kangaroo Family Home. Enjoy!

Here is the Hopper Family in front of their home. From left to right is Isabelle Hopper [Daughter], Richie Hopper [Father], Stephanie Hopper [Mother], and in Shelia Hopper's apron Katerina Hopper [Baby Girl.]

Here is the front of the Hopper Family House. The flowers which are on the wood planks, were made by my grandma.

Here is the conservatory [greenhouse] my grandma also made. It has a lock on the door, which I think is awesome.

The inside has a place to put flowers and to sit, as well as a stone floor.

The downstairs of the home, includes the dining table, the kitchen appliances, the fireplace, and Baby Katerina's crib.

I got the candelabra, at Michael's Craft Store. I thought it looked nice on the table.

Here is Baby Katie's crib. Personally, I thought the teddy bear was adorable, I also got the crib at Michael's Craft Store.

The pictures on the right are above Baby Katerina's crib, and they are her favorite storybook characters. The picture on the left is Daughter Isabelle's School Schedule.

Here is the fireplace. It does glow but I don't currently have batteries in it. On top of the fireplace is a sewing machine from Michael's Craft Store. Also, hanging above the fireplace is a picture of the Calico Critters.

Here is the second floor, up here is Isabelle's and Stephanie's bedroom [I still haven't figured out where to put Richie's bed.]

Stephanie's side of the bedroom has a pink bed with pink roses next to it. It also has a knitting basket and books at the end of the bed.

Isabelle's side of the bedroom has a red and yellow bed with red roses next to it. Isabella has a large armoire, too. With books, pencils, paper, and other necessities in it.

I hoped you enjoyed my photo story, and check back soon for an exciting spring photo shoot!

P.S Here is are some photos of Brooke being wacky. The first one is Brooke on the car dashboard and the second one is Brooke sitting on some faux flowers at Michael's Craft Store. I didn't take a picture of this but Brooke was using a faux palm tree as a slide. She slid down the branch of the palm tree into the shopping basket. Oh, Brooke!


  1. Hi Marley,
    I just discovered your blog today and I´m glad I did. I went through all your posts and I really liked them but I decided to leave a comment on this one because it didn´t have any yet and I think it well deserves it. Your cozy cottage is lovely, I like the way you set up all the furniture and the little details you added.The lights you use create a warm and cosy atmosphere, what type of lights are they? if you don´t mind me asking. I´m also amazed at the conservatory your grandma made. It´s so beautiful! She must be very good at crafts.The last picture where Bell is among the pink flowers is really really nice.
    I also have a blog about Sylvanian Families.

  2. I just left a comment and I told you I had a blog but I forgot the link in case you feel like having a look.