Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Meet The Tippyscotch Family

Hello everyone! It's Ellie here, and today I will be starting a little series of posts about the families that currently live in Brambly Corners. I will do one whenever a new family moves to Brambly Corners.

The Tippyscotch Family, is one of the most interesting families in Brambly Corners. Here are some facts about the Tippyscotchs!

Suzy [top left], Bell [top right]
Hopper [bottom left], Honey [bottom right]

Overview of the Tippyscotch Cottage.
Family Members: Susanne Tippyscotch is an amazing fox from the town of Honeysuckle Hollow. She loves to bake yummy desserts for everyone in Brambly Corners. Susanne is the founder of Brambly Corners, and is currently the town mayor. Brooke Tippyscotch is a sweet little bunny who was adopted by Suzy Tippyscotch. Suzy recalls finding Bell and her younger twin siblings Hopper and Honor alone in a forest, and hearing her mother and father calling for Bell, Hopper, and Honey. Suzy tried to find Brooke, Hopper, and Honor's parents for a whole month, but they seemed to have disappeared. Susanne never stops looking but since then has taken Brooke, Hopper, and Honor under her wing. Brooke is very cheerful, and loves to draw. Brooke also enjoys having parties at her house! Hopper can never sit still and loves to explore. Honor loves to sit outside and play in the daffodils and lilies.

Bell's alcove
The Tippyscotch House: Next, the Tippyscotchs have graciously let us tour their home. Even though  they have a tiny cottage of only one floor it is filled with family love.

Susanne's favorite part of the cottage is probably is by the kitchen. Susanne as I mentioned before loves to bake, her specialty is her amazing cupcakes. Susanne also loves knitting and her bed is filled with yarn.

Brooke loves to jump on her bed because the mattress is very bouncy. Brooke's favorite part of the house is the "second floor." Brooke made a nice window seat up on in a little alcove. In the winter, Brooke loves to curl up with a good book and eat Susanne's cupcakes and drink some tea.

Hopper loves trying to find ways to get up to Brooke's alcove, because he is so adventurous. So far he hasn't succeeded. Honor as I mentioned before enjoys sitting out front and watching Susanne bake.

Thank you so much for reading today's post about the Tippyscotch Family! See you again in Brambly Corners!


  1. I really like the sound of the Tippyscotch family! I think that they will fit well into your village. Their house looks very nice as well.

    1. Thanks Emily! I do believe that they will fit well here in Brambly Corners!