Thursday, December 22, 2016

Meet the Hopper Family

Hi everyone! It's Ellie here, today I have a post on the Hopper Family. First, I will give a little introduction about each family member. If the pictures appear dark, I am very sorry. The lighting at the time wasn't great.

The Hopper Family 
Isabella in her room
Family Members: Father Richie works as the sports writer for the Brambly Corners Newspaper. Mother Stephanie likes everything to be organized and in place, she also likes to exchange desserts with Susanne Tippyscotch. Isabelle enjoys tennis and gymnastics. Isabelle loves hanging out with all her friends as well. Baby Katerina loves to take lots of naps and listen to lullabies.

Next, we will tour the Hopper House. First, we will visit Mother Stephanie in the kitchen baking an Apple Pie. Over on the table lays the newest edition of the Brambly Corners Newspaper. Father Richie enjoys some tea and a good book my the warmth of the fireplace. Isabelle enjoys hanging out up in her room, she reads a book about magic. She has been meaning to get her guitar restrung but still hasn't gotten to it. Baby Katerina enjoys a nice refreshing nap up in the alcove.

Thank you for reading my post! I will post more very soon! Bye!

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