Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brooke's Nature Walk

Hello everybody. It's Ellie and today I have a photo story. The character in this story is Brooke Tippyscotch, the daughter of the Tippyscotch Bunny Family. Enjoy the story!

It was a beautiful day and Brooke Tippyscotch was making her bed. She looked out of her window, it was a very sunny day. Perfect for a nature walk! She had her breakfast of porridge and headed out.

She glanced at her beautiful green lawn and smiled. Then off she went.

She walked up the "giant steps." They were known as the "giant steps" to the citizens of Brambly Corners, for they were so big and it looked like they were meant for a giant.

Then Brooke headed off toward the Brambly Forest, which was west of Brambly Corners. Her feet crunched against the fallen debris. The tall green trees towered over Brooke. She tapped one of the leaves of the tall green trees. A big splash of water fell on her. She shook off the water and kept going.
Brooke climbed up Brambly Mountain, and had lunch on a rock ledge.

Brooke walked until she came to the "branch canyon." The "branch canyon" was what the citizens of Brambly Corners called these two large branches with a space between the branches that only a citizen of Brambly Corners could fit in.

 After the "branch canyon" Brooke went over to the rock fields. which were exactly what the name says. A bunch of rocks in a field. Pretty boring, but great for tourism and photos.

 Brooke then decided to climb up a tree that was by her house. She realized that she was pretty good at climbing trees. She would have to challenge Dominic Hazelnut to a climbing tree race. Dominic Hazelnut was a chipmunk and he was known for his great climbing skills. Brooke yawned and headed back home, for dinner. She reflected on her day before she went to bed. It had been a great day indeed.

Here are some photo shots where Brooke got a little wacky. The first one is of Brooke using a fallen tree branch as a trampoline and the second is of Brooke playing in the tassels under the tree she had climbed.


  1. Adorable pictures. Belle had a really busy day!

  2. Thank you, Jen. Bell had a busy day indeed, she'll sleep well tonight for sure!

  3. That's one sweet story, Marley, maybe Bell might take a parachute or at least hiking poles along on her next adventure!

  4. Bell had a wonderful outing, just glad she tred carefully on those giant steps!

  5. That's a good idea Lee. I'll try to see if Bell, will bring her hiking poles on her next nature walk.

  6. I'm glad she walked up the steps carefully too, Eaton.