Thursday, December 22, 2016

Meet the Tuxedo Cat Family

Hi, it's Ellie back with another post! I'll probably be posting a lot in this next week because we are on winter break from school! We just had a party in our last hour which is English. Some people definitely had too much sugar. Enjoy the post!

Family Members: Father Mason enjoys tennis and croquet. He teaches both to many of those who live in Brambly Corners. Mother Natalie enjoys gardening, drinking tea, sewing, and ballroom dancing. Liliana enjoys adventures and loves exploring the world. She wants to be a travel writer and travel around the world. Rosetta enjoys sewing, shopping, and learning manners and etiquette from her mother.

The Tuxedo Cats have let us tour their lovely home, today. We find Natalie outside plantings some roses and violets. Inside Mason is having a leisurely breakfast and reading the Brambly Corners Newspaper. Liliana decided to venture up to the rooftop and hang out up there. She enjoys watching all of Brambly Corners from this splendid view. Rosetta is inside in the room that she shares with Liliana. The room is very formal, and it includes a large bed, vanity, and armoire. Liliana despises all of the pink and floral designs in the room and has been pleading her father to build an addition onto the house so she can have her own room.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I will have many more soon to come! Bye!

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