Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's Scavenger Hunt Part 1

Hello everyone! It's Ellie, and today I have a fun, exciting April Fool's post. Our friends Brooke Tippyscotch and Isabelle Hopper will be going on a Scavenger Hunt. I will post 2 parts today, this is the first. Enjoy!

Isabelle Hopper sat up in her bed, and yawned. She stretched out her arms.

She got out of bed and headed downstairs.  On the way down she realized it was April Fool's Day. Hooray!
When she got downstairs, Isabelle's mother had already left her breakfast. Isabelle gobbled up the food.
Isabelle heard the doorbell ring and she went to the door to answer it. Isabelle's best friend Brooke was at the door. "Brooke" said Isabelle, "You're here, come on inside." Brooke stepped inside, and gave her friend a hug.

They went up to Isabelle's room to talk.
 A few minutes later, Isabelle's dad came up to Isabelle's room. "Hi Isabelle, Hi Brooke" he said. "Hi Dad, Hi Mr. Hopper" responded Isabelle and Brooke.

"Happy April Fool's Day!" said Mr. Hopper.  "You girls doing anything special, today?" he asked. Isabelle and Brooke shook their heads is response.  "How about I make you an April Fool Scavenger Hunt?" asked Mr. Hopper. Isabelle and Brooke answered "Yeah!"
 A few minutes later, Mr. Hopper handed Isabelle and Brooke a piece of paper. Isabelle and Brooke thanked Mr. Hopper, and Brooke read what was written on the paper.
 Fingers waving in the breeze of spring's light air
Colors changing in the leaves when daylight falls short
Towering over everything else, but also providing a nest

Isabelle and Brooke looked at each other with confusion. What could it mean?

To Be Continued


  1. Oooh,I can't wait for part two! Could the answer to the clue possibly be a tree/ trees?

    1. I'm glad, your excited! Your very close Emily, lets say it's a type of tree.

  2. Hello Marley Clarisse,

    Thank you so much for linking to my Blog! :) I have inserted a link to yours now, too. Please feel free to read my newest story about the Periwinkles' new home. :)

    Isabella Hopper is very cute and I like the way you furnished her house. :)
    Cool riddle! It makes me think of some sort of tree, too...

    Kind regards from Riverside,

  3. Great story! will be looking forward to part 2 :)