Thursday, March 31, 2016

Isabelle and Brooke's Spring Adventure

Hi everyone. It's Ellie here, and today I have a Spring Photo Story. The characters in the story are Brooke Tippyscotch, Daughter of the Rabbit Family and Isabelle Hopper, Daughter of the Kangaroo Family. Enjoy!

Isabelle Hopper yawned, and hopped out of bed.

She went downstairs for breakfast. Her mother gave her some lime juice, grapes, and toast with strawberry jam. Isabelle munched her food silently.

She looked outside, it had just finished raining and there was a rainbow in the sky.

She decided that today would be the perfect day to go on a spring adventure with her friend Brooke Tippyscotch. Isabelle's mom, Stephanie, handed her a luncheon basket. Isabelle thanked her, and off she went.

She walked over to Brooke's house, and rang the doorbell. Brooke opened the door, and smiled when she saw Isabelle.

Isabelle told Brooke her idea. Brooke loved her idea, and off they went.

Isabelle and Brooke first went to go look at the giant lavender plant they had heard of. It was big indeed. They rubbed their paws on the plant, and they smelled their hands. Their hands smelled heavenly.

Then they went over to the big Brambly Tree, which stood in the heart of Brambly Corners. Isabelle was brave, and climbed the Brambly Tree, despite it being muddy under the Brambly Tree.

Then they decided to head over to an area they saw before that looked perfect to stop and have lunch. First, though, they stopped at a giant puddle. Neither of them were brave enough to walk into the puddle, so they just stood at the side of the puddle staring at their reflections.

Then they had a delicious lunch of Salad, Cheese, Orange Juice, and Roast Beef Sandwiches. It was amazing!

Then they decided to look at clouds. Isabelle thought one cloud looked like the Brambly Tree, Brooke thought the same cloud looked like a sandwich. I'm not sure how they thought that they looked like those items, because I thought it looked like a river.

Then they went over to a sundial sculpture. They looked at it, confused. They didn't know what the sundial was. They also were confused why half of the sundial was wet and the other half wasn't.

Isabelle and Brooke then went back to Brooke's house and went in her conservatory.

They played around in it for a while, then Brooke had to go home. It had been a great day, indeed!

Thank you for reading the post everyone! Bye!

Inside the Cozy Cottage

Hi, everyone! It's Ellie, and today I'm taking you inside the Hopper Kangaroo Family Home. Enjoy!

Here is the Hopper Family in front of their home. From left to right is Isabelle Hopper [Daughter], Richie Hopper [Father], Stephanie Hopper [Mother], and in Shelia Hopper's apron Katerina Hopper [Baby Girl.]

Here is the front of the Hopper Family House. The flowers which are on the wood planks, were made by my grandma.

Here is the conservatory [greenhouse] my grandma also made. It has a lock on the door, which I think is awesome.

The inside has a place to put flowers and to sit, as well as a stone floor.

The downstairs of the home, includes the dining table, the kitchen appliances, the fireplace, and Baby Katerina's crib.

I got the candelabra, at Michael's Craft Store. I thought it looked nice on the table.

Here is Baby Katie's crib. Personally, I thought the teddy bear was adorable, I also got the crib at Michael's Craft Store.

The pictures on the right are above Baby Katerina's crib, and they are her favorite storybook characters. The picture on the left is Daughter Isabelle's School Schedule.

Here is the fireplace. It does glow but I don't currently have batteries in it. On top of the fireplace is a sewing machine from Michael's Craft Store. Also, hanging above the fireplace is a picture of the Calico Critters.

Here is the second floor, up here is Isabelle's and Stephanie's bedroom [I still haven't figured out where to put Richie's bed.]

Stephanie's side of the bedroom has a pink bed with pink roses next to it. It also has a knitting basket and books at the end of the bed.

Isabelle's side of the bedroom has a red and yellow bed with red roses next to it. Isabella has a large armoire, too. With books, pencils, paper, and other necessities in it.

I hoped you enjoyed my photo story, and check back soon for an exciting spring photo shoot!

P.S Here is are some photos of Brooke being wacky. The first one is Brooke on the car dashboard and the second one is Brooke sitting on some faux flowers at Michael's Craft Store. I didn't take a picture of this but Brooke was using a faux palm tree as a slide. She slid down the branch of the palm tree into the shopping basket. Oh, Brooke!

Photos of Brooke

Hi everyone, it's Ellie and today I have some random photos of Brooke Tippyscotch. Here they are:

Brooke loves her patterns indeed!

Brooke loves to hide in plants, if you want to play challenging hide and go seek, choose her to be the person you find.

Brooke loves looking at art work.

Brooke really wanted to stop and read Pollyanna.

Brooke's on top of the world!

Brooke's hiding again in a plant.

Brooke really wanted to go on a tea cup ride. Sadly, the tea cup didn't move.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lights for Cozy Cottage

Hello everyone, it's Ellie. My mom found some very cute lights, that would be perfect for my Cozy Cottage Starter Home. I put them on and took a photo with the bedroom lights on and bedroom lights off. Here are the photos:

Bedroom Lights on
Bedroom Lights off


The lighting on the pictures isn't great so I'm sorry about that. Comment below, if you like the 1st picture where the bedroom lights are on or if you like the 2nd picture where the bedroom lights are off. Thanks for reading my post! Bye!

Brooke's Nature Walk

Hello everybody. It's Ellie and today I have a photo story. The character in this story is Brooke Tippyscotch, the daughter of the Tippyscotch Bunny Family. Enjoy the story!

It was a beautiful day and Brooke Tippyscotch was making her bed. She looked out of her window, it was a very sunny day. Perfect for a nature walk! She had her breakfast of porridge and headed out.

She glanced at her beautiful green lawn and smiled. Then off she went.

She walked up the "giant steps." They were known as the "giant steps" to the citizens of Brambly Corners, for they were so big and it looked like they were meant for a giant.

Then Brooke headed off toward the Brambly Forest, which was west of Brambly Corners. Her feet crunched against the fallen debris. The tall green trees towered over Brooke. She tapped one of the leaves of the tall green trees. A big splash of water fell on her. She shook off the water and kept going.
Brooke climbed up Brambly Mountain, and had lunch on a rock ledge.

Brooke walked until she came to the "branch canyon." The "branch canyon" was what the citizens of Brambly Corners called these two large branches with a space between the branches that only a citizen of Brambly Corners could fit in.

 After the "branch canyon" Brooke went over to the rock fields. which were exactly what the name says. A bunch of rocks in a field. Pretty boring, but great for tourism and photos.

 Brooke then decided to climb up a tree that was by her house. She realized that she was pretty good at climbing trees. She would have to challenge Dominic Hazelnut to a climbing tree race. Dominic Hazelnut was a chipmunk and he was known for his great climbing skills. Brooke yawned and headed back home, for dinner. She reflected on her day before she went to bed. It had been a great day indeed.

Here are some photo shots where Brooke got a little wacky. The first one is of Brooke using a fallen tree branch as a trampoline and the second is of Brooke playing in the tassels under the tree she had climbed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

About Me

Hello there! I'm Ellie and I'm 12 years old. I live in the United States, and I love playing with Calico Critters. Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families are the same brand and company but with different names. Calico Critters are called Sylvanian Families everywhere in the world except the United States. In my posts I will mostly call my Calico Critters by the name that the Calico Critters  gives them but I will give a few of them they names that Sylvanian Families gives them. My Calico Critters live in Brambly Corners, Cheshire, England.  I hope you enjoy my blog!